The Unplanned Future

In one of my classes I had to complete a life plan about my ideal life. Not really sure the significance of the assignment to the class but it was nice to daydream. I had never really thought about my ideal life before the assignment. After I completed the exercise I started wondering what my husbands’ ideal life would be. Would it be the same as mine since we often think alike? Or would it be completely different? More


My Daughter’s New Game


My little monster and I now have a new game that we play called “Pants around the Ankles” Sounds fun doesn’t it? Here’s how we it goes: More

Mom Needs Help

I need help. Not a sentence that most moms would say (out loud, to others). We like to believe that we can do it all by ourselves. Reality check…we can’t and we shouldn’t have to. More

I’m Praying for Snow

I live in Reno, Nevada which is usually cold in the winter and we get occasional snow storms. For the last three days however it has been beautiful with a record breaking high of 67°F. The sun has been out and we can play outside. No jackets, snow boots, or layers of clothes to stay warm.

Downtown Reno

But, I’m praying for snow. More

Mom’s Way of Using Time Wisely

In my opinion everyone has different takes on what it means to use time wisely.  For me as a mom, using my time wisely means knowing what I can do with my kids around and what I have to put off until they are asleep or out of the house with Daddy or some other brave soul who has offered to babysit.    

Little Monster asleep during dinner

It took me a while to figure out which activities I could do with the kids and which I could not.  At first I tried to do everything with the kids around and I found myself extremely frustrated and ready to pull my hair out.  I decided to try something different and I would wait until nap time to attempt certain tasks on my to-do list and my stress level started to decrease.  Through trial and error I have finally figured out the best uses of my time with and without the kids.


The Clean House Solution

Last year my husband said one sentence to me that has forever altered my life.  He said, “I think we need a housekeeper.”  At first I was upset by his statement because I thought he was insulting my house cleaning abilities.  After getting over my initial reaction of being upset, I started to really think about what my husband had said.  It took me almost a whole weekend to clean my house and usually I had 2 little helpers who would get into the cleaning products or want to help which made cleaning take even longer.  Also, it was a huge chore for me to clean the house in between full time school, work, the kids, and running errands.  So I finally agreed to try a housekeeper and I am so happy that I did.  My housekeeper can clean my house in 2 hours!!!  I can’t even clean a bathroom that fast. 


Motivation to get out of bed

Yesterday I was so tired and lacking motivation to get out of bed, I decided to stay in bed instead of getting up early and taking a shower before my little monster woke up.  Boy, did I pay the price for that decision.  Instead of the nice, relaxing shower I usually take while she is sleeping I had a really hot and then really cold shower because she kept flushing the toilet on me.  She also managed to unroll the entire roll of toilet paper, empty the Kleenex box, get into my makeup, rearrange all of the beauty products under the bathroom sink, and get out every pair of shoes in my closet.  All in 10 minutes!!! 

As I was cleaning up the huge mess she made during my 10 minute shower I remembered what motivates me to get out of bed each day.  It is my desire to make my life as easy as possible. 


My love/hate relationship with To-Do lists

To-do lists are that constant reminder for moms of tasks or errands that we need or intend to accomplish.  All moms have to-do lists, whether or not we follow or finish them is another story, but we all have these lists. 

I have several to-do lists – one for school, work, errands to run, what needs to be done at home, etc.  Some of my lists are written on paper, some in my iPhone, some just jumbled in my head.  As I think about all of these to-do lists that I realize that my feelings about to-do lists are mixed.  I love my to-do lists and I hate my to-do lists.


Time for Dancing

After dropping my 7 year old off at school today I came home and started cleaning the downstairs of my house in search of two puzzle pieces that my little monster lost.  While cleaning I turned on my right now favorite song, Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band.  Next thing I know, here comes the little one with her hands up wanting to dance.  So, I stopped cleaning and I started dancing. 


4 Basic Tools for Time Management

In my opinion some of the tools used for time management in the workplace are not the same that I would use for time management at home.  In the workplace I learned that time management was about prioritizing, organizing, scheduling, and setting performance goals.  However, these do not work for me at home.  At my house everything is a priority – Mom I need this, Honey can you do this, this is due today, it all needs to be done now.  I try to be organized at home but my youngest child follows right behind me and destroys everything I organize.  Scheduling is definitely not for me, I am terrible at following a schedule at home.  Naptime and bedtime are whenever the little one decides she is ready to fall asleep and mealtime is whenever we are hungry.  As for my list of performance goals for the house the two most important are to get out of bed each day and to take a shower. 


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