Cups + Stairs = Danger

My little monster has this fascination with throwing things down the stairs. It started with the remote control for our bedroom TV which we couldn’t find for 3 days. Then she moved on to all of the shoes in my closet. Now, it is her sippy cups. She takes each cup, one by one, and throws them down the stairs. Some stay close to the top, some around the middle, others make it all the way down to the bottom.

Seems entertaining right?

Not if you are doing laundry. Dirty clothes upstairs, laundry room downstairs. Anyone see where this is going? More


My Sleep Problem

I have not been sleeping much at night lately. For the past 2 weeks I have been up late each night, and by late I mean until 2 or 3 in the morning.

My sleep deprivation is not for lack of trying. I lay down in bed usually around 11:00 or 11:30 and turn on a recorded episode of some cupcake show. About 20 minutes into the show I start to fall asleep and I turn the TV off. More

Don’t ignore the mess

Normally, I don’t put things off. I like to get my stuff done as early as possible. Except for one task…picking up dog poop. I put this task off as long as I can which always turns out bad for me. More

Most Improved Reader

Normally, I tell stories about my little monster since I am home with her all day. I can see my oldest in the future upset that I didn’t talk about her much, so today it is all about my crazy monkey.

Every since my crazy monkey was little she loved books. From the day she started walking she has been bringing me books to read. We would sit on the floor, just the two of us, and read Elmo books for hours. It was tiring for me but she loved it and my life wasn’t as busy back then. More

Time to watch our language

After my husband’s horrible defeat at Trivial Pursuit last weekend he wanted some redemption so he challenged me to a game of Scrabble. We put the big kid to bed and set up the game.

As the game progressed (and I was winning) my husband got frustrated and yelled “sh*t.” Guess what the little one does? She repeats after him “sh*t.” Fantastic…husband gets a dirty look, him and little one start laughing. More

Our weekend getaway

We went out of town this weekend to Lake Tahoe, CA with my husband’s family and I wanted to be able to write about the wonderful time we had and the importance of weekend getaways.  Unfortunately, that’s not what I will be writing about. More

The Unplanned Future

In one of my classes I had to complete a life plan about my ideal life. Not really sure the significance of the assignment to the class but it was nice to daydream. I had never really thought about my ideal life before the assignment. After I completed the exercise I started wondering what my husbands’ ideal life would be. Would it be the same as mine since we often think alike? Or would it be completely different? More

My Daughter’s New Game


My little monster and I now have a new game that we play called “Pants around the Ankles” Sounds fun doesn’t it? Here’s how we it goes: More

My Rant About Nap Time

My little monster never (rarely) takes a nap for me.  She loves her mommy so much that she doesn’t want to close her eyes at all when I am around.  Nevermind the fact that I enjoy quiet time and I can accomplish a lot more when she is down for nap.  No, she parties hard when mommy’s around. More

I’m Praying for Snow

I live in Reno, Nevada which is usually cold in the winter and we get occasional snow storms. For the last three days however it has been beautiful with a record breaking high of 67°F. The sun has been out and we can play outside. No jackets, snow boots, or layers of clothes to stay warm.

Downtown Reno

But, I’m praying for snow. More

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