Time for Dancing

After dropping my 7 year old off at school today I came home and started cleaning the downstairs of my house in search of two puzzle pieces that my little monster lost.  While cleaning I turned on my right now favorite song, Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band.  Next thing I know, here comes the little one with her hands up wanting to dance.  So, I stopped cleaning and I started dancing. 

Then, I turn on the computer and started reading the blogs I follow and here is a video of a blogger and his daughter dancing. 

These two events got me to thinking about time and dancing.  I have two girls who love Taylor Swift and dancing.  They always want me to join in but usually my response is “not now, I’m too busy.”  I think to myself, “I don’t have time to dance; I have so much other stuff to do.” But how much longer are my kids going to actually WANT to dance with me?  I’m already not allowed to give my big 1st grader a hug at school because that is just not cool.  Soon, they won’t even want to be in the same room with me. 

My goal now is to spend more time dancing with my kids and less time feeling guilty about it.  While I won’t always be able to dance with them, I will try to join in at least once a week. 

What activities do your kids want you to do with them that you put off because you are busy?  Can you find the time to “dance” with your kids once a week? 

Here is a video of my little monster finding the time to dance.  I hope you enjoy and make time for dancing in your life.


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